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Nitisha’s journey into the world of voice artistry began with her parents. In her childhood, her family played a game where they competed to see who could do the best acting or mimicry. Nitisha’s talent for mimicry started with her imitating things she found interesting, such as the way babies cry, and the sounds of birds and animals.

In 2019, while spending time with friends, Nitisha had a moment of inspiration when she related to the character Nobita from the popular cartoon Doraemon. She mimicked Nobita’s voice perfectly, which sparked her interest in exploring the world of voice art and artists, as well as career opportunities in this field.

The early days of her journey were filled with hurdles. Even now, she faces struggles, but she has learned to overcome them and has become accustomed to fighting challenges. Initially, Nitisha had the support of her mother, but not her father. However, her father now also supports her aspirations. Currently, Nitisha is pursuing her final year of a B.Ed. and is making a name for herself as a Voice Over Artist.

Nitisha has given a Marwari voice to more than 20 cartoon characters. She believes the world of voice is vast and started her career with mimicry, which eventually led her to become a cartoonist. Her interest in mimicry grew significantly during a final year while performing Nukkad Natak. During the lockdown, Nitisha opened an Instagram account and came up with the idea to do something unique by giving various characters a Marwari voice.

For instance, she named Doraemon “Neeli Dholki” and Ninja Hattori “Nugra Hattori.” This innovation has been well-received by Marwari children, who enjoy it very much. Now, Nitisha uploads more videos of characters in the Marwari language on her Instagram account, which can be found at “marwadi.shinchain.”

Nitisha aimed to present these cartoon characters in Marwari during the lockdown. She observed the trend and created content in Marwari so that children could learn their language.

What Marwari cartoon character would you like to see next?

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